Customer Satisfaction Survey

At the Broad Street Grind, we constantly strive to make your experience with us the best it can be.

How many times per week, on average, do you visit the Broad Street Grind
When visiting an independent coffee shop like the Broad Street Grind, what is most important to you?
Does the variety of products (coffee, tea, baked goods, foods etc.) a coffee shop offers determine where you will buy your coffee?
Which is more important to you in terms of products?
Have you found your wait in line to be too long for your satisfaction?
How would you rate the overall friendliness of the staff with 5 being the most friendly
Please rate your satisfaction with the knowledge of the barista and the service you received with 5 being very satisfied)
Please rate your satisfaction on the overall cleanliness of The Broad Street Grind with 5 being very satisfied
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