Party & Catering Menu


Beverage Options...Individual Orders off BSG Menu – priced as noted

Urn of Coffee (1/2 gal – serves 8, 8 oz cups)... 10.50 per urn

Urn of Coffee (1 gal – serves 16, 8 oz cups)... 19.95 per urn

Urn of Coffee (1.5 gal – serves 24, 8 oz cups)... 29.95 per urn

Urn of Coffee (Speciality Roasts)... Market Price

Coffee To Go (96 oz disposable – incl cups, cream & sugar)... 17.99 per box

10 oz Apple & Eve Fruit Juice... 1.50 per bottle

Bottled Water (16 oz)... 1.50 per bottle

BSG Famous House Lemonade (made fresh - 2 gal)... 33.00

Specialty Loose Leaf Organic Iced Teas (2 gal)... 33.00

(Sweetened or Unsweetened)




Bagel Tray... 3.50 per person

Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese (plain, veggie, strawberry)

Vegetable Crudités Trays... 2.95 per person

Cucumbers, Broccoli, Red Peppers, Carrots, Celery and Grape Tomatoes, served with a Ranch Dipping Sauce

Hummus Bar... 3.75 per person

Roasted Red Pepper and Roasted Garlic Hummus with Pita Wedges

Fresh Fruit & Berries... 3.45 per person

Assortment of fresh seasonal fruit & Berries

Artisan Cheese Plate... 6.95 per person

Assorted Domestic & Imported Cheeses, Served with Assorted crackers, Dried Fruit, Grapes and Strawberries 

Fresh Mozzarella & Grape Tomato Skewers... 5.25 per person

With Balsamic Drizzle 

Multi-colored Chips and Dip... 5.25 per person

Served with homemade Guacamole, Mild Corn Salad & fresh Tomato Salsa 

Old World Antipasto Tray... 7.95 per person

Assorted old world meats and cheeses (prosciutto, hard salami, sweet or hot Soppressata, Sharp Provalone) with roasted Red Peppers, Olive Medley, Roasted Artichokes and Baguette slices 

Pastry Trays... 4.95 - 5.75 per person

Examples: Cream Puffs, Puff Pastry rounds with Lemon Curd and garnished with a berry, Éclair’s, brownies etc. ask about our complete selection. Prices vary depending on selection

Cookie Trays... 2.85 per person

Assorted House Baked Cookies & Biscotti – ask about our selections.


Hors d’oeuvres & Sandwiches (priced for 50 pieces) 

Assorted Hot Savory hors d’oeuvres En Croute... 98.00

Sea Scallops wrapped in Smoked Applewood Bacon... 175.00

Smoke Salmon, Capers, Red Onion & Fire Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Aioli... 185.00

Assorted Tea Sandwiches, cut and trayed... 165.00

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with an Old Bay Cocktail Sauce and Lemon... 168.00


Individual Sandwiches... cost per person includes bag of chips 

Smoked Pulled Pork on a Brioche Roll... 8.95

Liberty Hall Chicken Salad on wrap or croissant... 8.95

Hot Roast Beef on a fresh roll with optional provolone & sides of creamy horseradish, au jus or mayo... 9.95

Meatball Parmesan Sandwiches in rich tomato sauce on a short roll... 7.95

Assorted Panini Sandwiches cut & trayed... 8.95


Soups... Cup 3.95 | Bowl 5.25 

Signature Liberty Hall Tomato

Chicken Noodle

Chicken & Bacon Corn Chowder

Broccoli Cheddar

Black Bean - V

Mediterranean Bisque – V

Summer Vegetable Gazpacho with Crab – (market Price) 

Pasta Fagoli


Chili... Cup 4.95 | Bowl 6.00 

Texas Chili

Veggie Chili - V

Butternut Squash - V


Salads... Served half tray or whole tray (half pans/small trays serve 8 – 10 people; Full pans/large trays serve 15-20 people) 

Tossed Baby Field Greens... Small Tray 23.00 | Large Tray 39.00

Spinach Salad... Small Tray 26.00 | Large Tray 42.00

Caprese Salad (Summer Only)... Small Tray 26.00 | Large Tray 42.00

Classic Caesar Salad... Small Tray 24.00 | Large Tray 40.00


Dessert Options

Ice Cream... 3.35

Ice Cream & Cookie... 4.25

Cream Puff... 2.35

Cheese Cake... 4.95

Pound Cake... 2.65

Cupcake... 1.50

Espresso Brownie... 2.25

Sheet Cake... variable

Large Cookie... 1.95

Éclair... 3.25

Lemon Puff tart... 2.75

Fresh Fruit Bowl... variable  


Dinner & Buffet Options

We encourage you to meet with our chef and allow us to create the perfect dinner menu, dessert or reception for your event.  Our chef & event coordinators can customize, within your budget;

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Corporate Functions

  • Wedding & Baby Showers

  • Birthday Parties

  • Business and Professional Group events

  • Holiday and Themed parties.  

The Broad Street Grind has BYOB policy and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.  A 18% gratuity is included for all events over 8 people.