Our story

The Broad Street Grind is located in the historic section of Souderton Borough at 117 E. Broad St. Suite 1. In 1871, William D. Hunsberger, owner of the Hotel Souderton, built a two-story brick livery stable and hall on Broad Street to the rear of the Hotel. The public hall on the second floor of this building was known as Liberty Hall. In 1909 a third story was added to the hall and was originally used for lodging purposes. Liberty Hall housed the first service of the Zion Mennonite congregation and was home to the early Souderton Independent, the Germania Sextette, Methodist Episcopal services, a kinetoscope exhibition, the first motion picture show, as well as dozens of clubs and societies. Liberty Hall was also the location for massive auctions of cattle and turkeys. In later years the livery at 117 E. Broad St. was known as Freed’s Hall. Occupants over the years included; Singing Schools, the town council, Mennonite Brethren in Christ services, the Cadet Corps, a pool parlor, the Acme Printing Company, the Pastime Club, Seventh Day Adventists, the American Mandolin Club, an Esso Service Center and garage.